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Mothers, do you recall the moment you found out you were a mommy? How did you feel?



or even Shocked?

Well, one common emotion that I believe all new mommies experience at some point is fear. I know I sure did! However, my first emotion was definitely that of shock!

You see, due to health reasons, I thought the chances of me conceiving a baby were slim to none. Therefore, I had become content with the possibility that I would never experience the joy of motherhood; at least not the pregnancy stage.

But I recall every moment of learning that I was pregnant and the aftermath. I actually wrote a short story about it entitled, “A Mother’s Good Friday Blessing” that was published in an anthology by Xulon Press.

Several things helped me to transition my fear.

I had a great group of support from friends who shared some of their most private experiences with me that were very encouraging.  It always helps to hear the testimonies from those that have been where you are and survived!

Do you know what really serenaded me back to a place of peace about my pregnancy?


The biblical passage that really spoke to me during my pregnancy and that I framed on the wall of my nursery was Psalm 139:14:

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

This verse reminded me how great our God is and how perfect He is in everything that He does.  God, the Creator, made me; every aspect of me. He equipped my body to be able to handle a baby and successfully deliver one!

Nearly 5 years of motherhood under my belt, I have seen God’s perfect design at work. He purposed me for parenting and you too!

The psalmist also declared that “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb” (v. 13).

This perfect knit or design started in our wombs and continues throughout parenthood.

Whether you are in the pregnancy or parenting stage, I encourage you to start or continue this journey with me and mine.  I will be sharing teachable and momentous moments, tips and even mommy ‘rant’ sessions!

This weekly blog will be posted on Saturdays (more frequently if motherhood allows). Please feel free to share any of your experiences on topics I post, as well as, email me to suggest topics.

And don’t forget to Invite a friend who you know will benefit.

We are in this together!


When a Mother’s Depression Kicks in on Easter

This is probably one of the most authentic posts that I have written on any blog.

It’s not that my norm doesn’t consist of transparency. After all, I made myself real vulnerable when I decided to tackle the conversation of church and mental illness.

But it is one thing to openly discuss your past struggles with maintaining a healthy mental status and another when you disclose current encounters. I believe it has been established or at least my platform has tried to establish that Christians deal with mental health issues too.

In case you are a confessing Believer who doesn’t understand how a Christian can be faced with mental illnesses, then you definitely cannot comprehend how a Christian can be depressed on the most significant day in Christian history.

Honestly, I am perplexed by this also. But unfortunately, I can relate.

Out of all the days in my life that I have experienced feelings of depression, never have I been depressed on Resurrection Sunday or Easter. That is until this past Sunday.

And you know what made it even worse?

I was scheduled to preach a sermon on Easter! Now this was really mind bottling. Yes, I have experienced depression as a minister, but it has not ‘interfered’ with my ministry. I have always been able to preach or press my way through it.

But not this time.

Every church service I attended and social media posts I read had pictures or perceptions of every happy Christian. It appeared as though no one was experiencing sadness or brokenness.

But I knew this wasn’t true.

It was definitely not my truth. Not only was I quickly sinking into a dark place, I knew there were others feeling the same way, but were too ashamed to verbalize it.  In a way, so was I. But my feelings were poetically running through my mind so I decided to journal them and actually did an audio clip to IG.

It’s Resurrection Sunday,

And all that’s on mind is death.

No need for comments or speculations,

I write my own truth.

Family has broken every code,
Don’t trust one soul.
Literally all I have in this world
Are my two innocent girls.
All these leaches in the church,
Nobody honestly cares about real hurt.
Friends’ empathy ends
When you tell them your real feelings.
My daddy warned me not to trust nobody.
That’s why he remains in solitary confinement.
Nip said the marathon continues,
But today just might be the day I end this race.
All these senseless killings;
No respect for life or death.
Pac said it best, life goes on…
With or without you.
But right before I die…


When I ended on the last thought, Kirk Franklin’s song, “Before I die” from his Hello Fear album. Because there are so many things that one wants to accomplish before they die.

Many times there are things that we aren’t aware of because it has yet to be revealed. This reason alone is a reason to live.

But as I tried hard to hide my depression all day, I found strength and joy in my two daughters. I found at least two more reasons to contiue going, in spite of, how extremely difficult it was.

It can be stressful being a mother and trying to balance your other roles. I previously posted how I doubted my calling to the motherhood ministry!

But as I watched them all day with smiling faces (except when my one-year-old was mean mugging), proudly reciting Easter speeches, anxiously opening their baskets and playing with each other, I thought about how their lives would be affected if this was their last Easter with their mother. The day that God made His biggest sacrifice so that we could have life and have it more abundantly (ref. John 10:10) would have a tainted memory to them.

Writing is therapeutic for me. As I reread and analyzed my poem during the peak of a dark moment and the words that followed, it helped me to face hidden emotions that were keeping me from being present.

To all my mothers or parents dealing with depression or other mental illnesses, if you have found yourself depressed on days that don’t make any sense or just on a typical day, you are not alone. And it is okay to confess your real feelings.

Continue to be your best or fight to do so because it is worth it. There is at least one little one who is okay with us being ourselves. Our children have a way of making us frown and smile in the same minute. I challenge you to yield more to the smiles and laughs.

My six-year-old begged me to spend time with her and make arts out of playdoh during a time when I had no energy. Shortly after, she had me laughing so hard that I couldn’t recall the last time I did!

Today, right now, I feel much better. Are there still struggles and problems. Yes! But guess what?

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11, NIV

Are you in need of support? Try attending a free support group near you or call 1-800-442-HOPE. Thank you for taking the time to read.  If you like, please subscribe and share.

Goodbye Spring Break and Hello Monday!

If you are a parent, you could immediately relate to my title, right?

Then you should also be able to picture this:  Me dancing my happy dance!

May I be more honest?

I have been counting down spring break before it officially began.  Seriously.  Anxiety started to kick in when I received my daughter’s activity calendar that her punctual kindergarten teacher sends every month.

There it was.

Bold markings covering five days to unambiguously remind me that there will be NO SCHOOL.

And who is counting the four weekend days?  (certainly not me)

Just in case you missed the math, I have been at home with a constantly seeking noisy activities six-year-old girl, along with a needs mommy attention ALL the time one year-old toddler, for NINE consecutive days!

And again, whose counting?

But today…

Today is the day that the countdown has ended. At least I think so. I’ll cover this later.

So, what did I do with my adorable cuties during spring break? I’m so glad you asked.

Vacation.  HA!

How about a staycation – not by choice, of course.

I’m sure there were many families on a real vacation that included a theme park or a fantastic cruise and yes, I do envy you; especially, if you were on a relaxing boat that allowed you to turn the noise off if but only for a couple hours each day.

Oh how I would have traded anything to dine in the middle of the ocean, music playing in the background with the stars and waves as my scenery if but only 30 minutes.

Heck, I would have bargained for a night full of restful sleep!


This is How I Spent My Spring Break

Every single morning around 2:30, my 14-month old alarmingly awakes me out of my semi-sleep to broadcast through her superbaby lungs that she is ready for a feeding.

After she satisfies her tummy and assures herself that I am not leaving her presence, she falls asleep, leaving me up to find tv entertainment at 3 a.m. And when I manage to close my eyes in peace, right at the break of day like clockwork is my hungry kindergarten.

Come rain or shine, sleet or snow, school or no school…my slender six-year-old is going to maintain her breakfast schedule. Now, I am thankful that she has a healthy appetite and is determined not to miss the most important meal of the day.

And I understand why.

She needs all of her nutrients for the burst of energy she uses in a day. When I tell you this little darling of mine found activities to keep her going from dusk to dawn, believe me!

Now, apparently my amateur mother wit, misguided me into thinking that sisters would gladly keep one another company (I felt that sarcastic smile you just gave me). My oldest daughter is truly a great little helper. She always receives accolades about being a leader at school and church. So of course, she implements her strong will personality with her sister to remind her who is older.

But because she underestimates the will power of her baby sister, approximately 15 times in one hour throughout the day, I had to hear:

“Mommy! Hanna is being mean to me.”

“Mommy! Hanna just scratched me.”

“Mommy! Hanna just hit me.”

These two kept me wondering, “GOD Am I Called to Motherhood?

And of course, when forced to move out of my minor moments of enjoying time to myself for things like ugh to eat, to check on these wonderful sisters, I find a cute baby Hanna full of a big smile looking as innocent as ever.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty face.

While spying on them a couple of times before announcing my presence in the room, I saw this toddler in action!

Which brings me back to my next dilemma…

Can I Keep My Toddler While Working from Home?

(In my spirit, I just felt someone lol)

Seriously. I think every mother has for what ever reason, dreamed about or strongly considered the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom. Well, when I have considered this now reality for so many moms, “work” was always attached to it.

As a writer, I have always thought this would be the perfect scenario. Of course, that was when a primary job in my field of social services was in place with the option to be flexible.

Well, I didn’t realize that life events, family dynamics and health factors would cause me to have to work from home. Don’t get me wrong. It is a great opportunity to be able to work from home and earn income.

But that is just the thing.

Whereas the workforce is growing open to telecommute positions, they are not just handing them out and there are some positions that just will not fit the remote location. In the meantime, bills are due, debt demands to be paid and kids, well they don’t really care what’s going on: They must receive their care and attention.

But working from home while caring for a busy toddler can be difficult.  In fact, it can be down right stressful.  I have been boosting my ego up for nine days on how I can make this work. After the many interruptions while even trying to write this post, I got to confess, I have doubts.

Kuddos to all the stay-at-home moms who are working (either for someone else, themselves or both). I honestly don’t know how you have been doing it. If you have advice, let me know and definitely keep me in your prayers!


Want to help a Stay-At-Home mom? CashApp “sjhastings”.  Be sure to Check out my mental health advocacy blog AND download latest book, Keeping My Faith While Saving My Mind.


GOD, Am I Called to Motherhood?


Have you ever experienced an extremely challenging day with your child that left you so physically exhausted and emotionally drained that it made you question your passage rites to parenthood?

Confession:  The majority of my past 12 months have had me feeling this exact way.

Being a new mother for the second time has been more difficult to balance than I could have imagined.

Yes, I have two adorable princesses.  But you know what?  These little princesses can tempt a Queen to leave her castle and escape to Gilligan’s Island!

Seriously (about the Island), and the pondering whether or not I’m meant to be a mother. If you have been where I am, then you certainly understand.

You might even be where I am right now and relieved that someone else has voiced your inner ‘guilty’ thoughts.

It’s okay. I don’t mind being your advocate.

But there is also nothing wrong with you speaking your truth because God already knows all about it. And it has been this reminder of how well God knows me that has allowed me to present Him with real Job questions.

Motherhood experiences will cause us to have a heart to heart with our intelligent Creator.

Remember, when we have these experiences, we are not just mothers in distress. We are Christian mothers in distress.

As Christians, there are points in life when we reach levels of maturity through discipleship and experience that will provoke us to ponder about our next level in ministry.

Growth in our faith will challenge us to seek more opportunities to serve so that our gifts can be a blessing to others.

But what about motherhood?

Is it not a ministry?

Yes, it is!

As a matter of fact, family is our primary ministry. Throughout the Bible God shows us how significant family is to Him. Even as Jesus was dying on the cross, He made time for His mother (ref. John 19:26-27).

Isn’t that amazing?

In spite of Jesus circumstances; His suffering, His physical discomfort and His critics, He found strength to tend to  His family.

You might be thinking like I did, “Okay, Jesus is Supernatural.”

Yes, He truly is Super.  And you know what else? As women, we are pretty super too.

Sure, our natural states can cause us to feel plain and common, as well as, weak and fragile. But it is because of our Super God who places His Super on our natural, that we can do supernatural things.

We just recognized International Women’s Day.

Extraordinary women, mothers have preceded us and there are many present with us today. As we continue to celebrate women this month and yes, this includes you too, be reminded of great women in the past and those that surround you now who have been in your shoes. This also means that they found themselves doubting their calling as well.

At this stage in your life you may fit in several categories of motherhood.

You could be an older mother, a career mother or even a barren mother.  Be sure to read my next post, The Power of Your Calling to Motherhood.

In the meantime, please feel free to comment and share your experiences. Let’s help each other get through encouragement, prayer and good ole wisdom!

Bullying is Not Merely Kids Being Kids

Every adult can probably recall a childhood memory when you were either nervous or even afraid to start a new school year, regretted hearing the bell ringing to dismiss school or go to school period.


Because you had ‘beef’ with another student who had already embarrassed you, threatened you or promised you a fight in front of all your peers.

Bullies have always existed in some form or fashion. But the good thing about the ‘good ole days’ is that you were pretty much guaranteed to survive and live to see another day.

Unfortunately, today, this is not the case with many bullying incidents.

BULLYING: To use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

It is no secret that all kids are uniquely made. They differ in size, shape, color, attitude, personality and talents. Diversity keeps the world interesting!

Regrettably, there are some people, even children, who view our uniqueness as a way to intimidate others. This should never be the case. But this reality exists among many young people.

According to StopBullying.gov  in 2016, one out of five students reported being bullied and only 43% of those told an adult.

Although this report consists of students, bullying is not  just school yard fighting anymore. However, school does remain a number one place where bullying occurs, but the method has now changed. We can thank the wonderful world of technology for this.

CYBERBULLING: is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets.

The school bell no longer signifies that a victim of bullying can at least have an escape to a safe place. Kids are now being bullied through texts, emails and social media. Due to the fact that most students have access to a phone and carry it to school means that school is still a top place where bullying occurs.

How Do We Create a No Bullying Zone?

  1. Acknowledge Bullying. When a child reports bullying, it can not be dismissed as merely kids being kids. Adults might consider something harmless, but if a child is feeling intimidated or harassed by cyber-content then it should be taken seriously and addressed. Also, it is relevant to point out that age should also not be a factor. I recently conducted a session on bullying and shared with my audience an incident that my now 5-year-old daughter experienced at her pre-school. She informed me that another female student told her she was going to have her big sister come to our house, shoot and kill her. Well, of course as a parent I took this threat seriously. It didn’t matter if I thought the other little girl meant it or not. It had my daughter afraid. My response was to inform the teacher, family service worker and yes, the principal too. Do you know what their response was? You guessed it; merely kids being kids. Well, that same day my local news reported a separate news story of a 5-year old boy shooting another youth!
  1. Immediately Intervene. If an adult witness bullying, they should quickly engage. Depending on what type of bullying (physical, verbal or cyber), will determine how the adult can intervene. For example, if a teacher is teaching a class and notices bullying or it is reported to him or her, the teacher should pause and give a verbal reminder of the school’s no bullying policy. Then, the teacher should follow up with the incident. Most states have laws and or policies in place. Of course, teachers can not monitor all means of cyberbullying. As with all forms of bullying, parents should intervene if their child is constantly being humiliated, intimidated or threatened online. Parents should be aware of their kids’ social media interactions and when it causes their behavior to change. The reaction should be to talk to their child, capture evidence (screen shots, texts messages, etc) and report the incident.
  1. Spread Awareness. School administrators, teachers, parents and youth leaders should actively be advocates against bullying by acknowledging bullying, immediately intervening and creating no bullying zones. This means that students should know that their school, home and other organizations do not tolerate bullying. Adults can create this atmosphere by hosting rallies, forums, workshops and posting literature and signs at their respective places. Also, allow students to be heavily involved in spreading awareness. According to StopBullying.gov, “Nearly 60% of bullying stopped when a peer intervenes on behave of a student bullied.” Students are more likely to tell their peers about bullying and their peers are more likely to witness it than adults. Therefore, student advocates are more likely to be successful when they choose to speak up and stand against bullies.


Now, let’s really allow kids to be the best they can be by acknowledging that bullying isn’t merely kids being kids. It is our responsibility as parents and adults to create no bullying zones!

Mothers’ Prayer for Guidance

In my recent blog post, I described the challenges that mothers, especially new mothers face when finding time to pray.

The struggle is still real.

But when we have the desire to communicate with God, He will honor those desires that are backed by actions.

What do mothers pray about? EVERYTHING!

We pray when we first learn of our pregnancies. We pray for successful deliveries. We pray for healthy babies. We pray to be great parents.

The list seems infinite.

But no matter the prayer requests, I believe that there is one particular prayer that is a common denominator for all of them:

The Prayer for Guidance

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.  – Psalm 32:8, NIV

Isn’t it great to know that when we as mothers have no clue what we are doing we can ask God for guidance?!

And we do not have to seek God’s guidance just about the things that are brand new to us. We can consult God about the best decision in the situation, how to rectify a not so good decision or the next step in a sound decision.

I have learned something else too about God’s guidance.

He loves to work through people!

The Bible instructs us to seek godly counsel (Psalm 1:1).  Now we know that good ole Mother Wit has qualified credentials that were earned through life experiences. And experienced mothers sure have helped me in my parenting.

However, there is advice that must be kindly received with a smile, but not taken to heart. As Christian mothers, we must be wise in who we receive guidance from. This also includes people who have the best intentions but are only advising from a carnal viewpoint.

So as you are using the downtime you have and not just depending upon those scheduled, uninterrupted times to pray, ask God to instruct and teach you the direction or choice to make. Then trust God to watch over the decision you have chosen.

Remember, there is a purpose to your parenting that has been knitted by God!

Mother’s Good Friday Blessing

Special deliveries are prepared on Good Fridays!

I believe they are. Why? Yes, it does have to do with the biblical and spiritual connotation associated with this day.

As a saved Christian believer, I am thankful for the special package that God prepared through His son, Jesus.

After all, this is the meaning behind Good Friday and why we acknowledge this day every year.

And because of this fact alone gives us a reason to expect great things to happen!

Six years ago, I received news of an extraordinary delivery. It was the miraculous conception of my baby girl! I recall feeling variations of emotions when I received the confirmation.

I was definitely in shock.

Having been told that my chances of conceiving were slim to none, I had not expected to become pregnant.

I was excited.

The thought of being a mother was thrilling and overwhelming at the same time.

I was fearful.

As a would be laten mother, I started to become anxious about the minor and certainly major things that could occur during and after pregnancy.

“For I know the plans that I have for you’, declares the Lord” – Jeremiah 29:11

This Good Friday morning I shared with my now 5-year-old daughter a short story I wrote entitled, “Mother’s Good Friday Blessing”. Of course, she was elated to know that it was about her!

The award-winning story was featured in Xulon’s anthology book, Letters to America.

Reflecting to that moment that my daughter’s conception was revealed to me, God has kept every promise. He has seen me through the scary moments of motherhood and been there to celebrate all the milestones.

You know what? I expect Him to continue to deliver special packages; precious memories throughout my parenting period.

Remember that parenting is purposely knit by God!

Have a great Good Friday!!!

Finding Time to Pray with a New Baby

As women, we are constantly in high demand to fill a variety of shoes and yes, wear many hats. These busy schedules make it challenging to balance our lives and make adequate time for relevant things.

Then to add the wonderful role of mother to our 24-hour resume…

As Christian women we understand how imperative it is to intentionally make time for God in our lives so that we can have a relationship with Him. If we are honest, there are many days that are also challenging to make this necessary sacrifice.

If you are married, you know the benefits of having assistance to help with tasks such as chores and carpooling.

But you also know the stress that comes along with trying to simultaneously be a great wife and outstanding mother.

If you are single, you are appreciative of any and all support that you receive from family and friends.

However, you probably understand the role of Superwoman better than any one else!

Now I recall my single days minus the adorable kids. And as much I enjoy motherhood, I envy the freedom to just be able to peacefully meditate at any time of the day.

With an active 5 year-old and an eight octave range 2 month old baby, I can barely think at all!

God, I need time just to pray!

My devotional time with God has always been something that I treasured since becoming a Christian. I would seek ways to spend more time with God. I miss being able to get up for my 3 a.m. uninterrupted prayer times, hosting my 6 a.m. intercessory prayer line and noon day meditation.

I can’t even recall the last time I was able to do any of these on schedule and definitely not all three in a day!

I started to get frustrated because every time that I would set aside time to spend with God I was constantly being intercepted by, “Mommy!” or cries from a baby that was either ready to be fed, changed or just craving Mommy!!

“…make the most of every opportunity” (Col. 4:5b,NIV).

One day while trying to enjoy a shower, in the midst of my daughter screaming my name for something minor as not being able to find her toy, which then prompted her newborn sister crying loudly from being startled from her nap, I too started crying out to God.

I vented my frustrations. I wined. I even let out a scream!

I asked God why couldn’t I have time alone with Him like I use to? After God allowed me to act out like my children, He clearly entered my thoughts and told me to redeem time by making the most of every opportunity.

Finding Opportunities to Spend with God with Demanding Children

  1. Do Not Schedule Time. I know how this sounds and I recall teaching a Bible study once that included how we should schedule time with God. And if you have a life that allows you to do so, by all means, please do. But for mothers with hectic schedules, do not focus on a set time. You will continuously be frustrated when that time is interrupted (and it will be) and you will feel unaccomplished. God knows your desire to spend with Him and your situation. Trust God with the time that He has created.
  1. Do Utilize Any Downtime. This might sound more difficult than it is. Who has downtime with a child and a newborn? You do! For instance, if you are a breastfeeding mom like me, you know that a correctly latched baby is a happy and comfortable baby. Use your nursing time to pray and/or read a Bible passage. Sure, you might want 30 minutes to an hour, but God can speak and do wonders in your life with five to ten minutes. Other opportunities for downtime are while taking a bath or shower, doctor’s appointments, commuting and definitely while the little ones are cat napping.
  1. Do Not Give into Every Interruption. This is a hard one right? Especially if you are a new mother it can be mind-bottling trying to decipher real emergencies from mere tantrums or crying spells. And for inexperienced mothers, you will learn to trust your instincts. So if it is not an emergency, do not give into the interrupted downtime or feel guilty about doing so. For example, while preparing to take a bath one afternoon, my baby girl woke up just as I placed one foot in the tub. Learning from past experiences, I had already placed her in her car seat and sat it in proximity and where we both could see each other. Instead of giving into her demand and wasting a nice tube of water, I decided to let her cry. After talking to her from the tub and making faces, she soon calmed down and I was able to enjoy my bath and talk with God!
  1. Do Intentionally Spend Time with God. This is different than scheduling a set time with God. If you intentionally seek ways or opportunities to spend with God, He will honor your intentions. I recall with my first baby when I encountered challenges spending time with God. When I started to just do it, I would find myself having longer intervals. There was a specific time when my prayer led to praise and worship and by the time I had ended an entire hour and half had past! But I was not anxious about what my baby was doing. She had been left in a safe place and God was taking care of us both at the same time. She had slept through the entire experience and even and additional 30 minutes! That reminded me how God is in control of everything.


If you are a new mother and have found it challenging to find time to spend with God, know that this has been a struggle for many Christian mothers. Do not beat yourself up about not praying or reading your Bible during your normal schedule or even not making it to a church service. Trust me, God understands. He designed you to be able to be a Christian while being a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and mentor. Allow God to balance your life.

You continue to seek Him and He will allow you to find Him in prayer!


Don’t Announce My Baby’s Birth on Social Media

Can you imagine?

Accepting the possibility that you just might be pregnant and gaining the courage to purchase a pregnancy test…

Waiting hours (that are actually minutes) to see if a stick will turn blue or a double pink line will appear…

Sharing news of your pregnancy…

Getting your first ultrasound and making it through the first trimester…

Enduring nine months of morning sickness, mood swings and doctor visits that entailed you constantly peeing in a cup…

What have I left out?

Oh and not to mention the mind game of wondering if your baby will be due around its actual due date, picturing where you will be when your water breaks and wondering if your water will break at all!


No false alarm. You are really headed to the hospital because you are in labor.

After hours of labor, you deliver your precious baby boy or girl. You spend time bonding with him or her and letting the immediate family (dad and siblings) bond too.

Of course all your family, friends, coworkers and church members are ready for updates about your baby’s arrival. You choose to text or call a few people during your ‘downtime’ and even share a first picture with them.

And what is the quickest way to let everyone else on your list aware of your new bundle of joy?

Social Media!

Before you try to ‘relax’ from a long eventful day, you grab your cell phone to log on to one of your social media sites to introduce your new addition to the world. But only to find out that someone else has already done so without your permission!

Has this every happened to you?

Well guess what? It happened to me! Not only did someone announce the news of my baby girl before I got the opportunity to do so, they took the liberty of sharing her photo too!

You might be thinking that it’s not a big deal. But I only realized how big a deal it was until I was in the moment.

I felt robbed and even violated.

There are some things that one would think is just understood not to do. But I guess common sense just isn’t as common any more. I mean, I would NEVER take away anyone’s right to share their news first.

And that is just it. It is not so much that someone shared the news of my baby girl’s arrival on social media because we know that people use the site to socialize. But the fact that they took the liberty of deciding when my baby girl would be introduced to the Internet. I mean, what if I didn’t want anyone to know right away (outside of family). What if I didn’t want her picture on the Internet?

There are just some rules surrounding a baby’s birth and a mother’s right.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced someone announcing your baby’s arrival on social media or any where without your permission? Were you or would you be upset if it happened to you?

Perhaps I will write a future post and let you all know how I responded? 🙂

Celebrity Chooses Breastfeeding Over…

Last night, I watched my first episode ever of the CBS reality television show, Celebrity Big Brother.

Confession: I have never seen any episode of the original Big Brother; therefore, do not understand all the logistics of the show. However, being a frequent viewer of “The Talk”, I heard the ladies discussing that former Whitehouse worker, Omarosa was one of the celebrity guests.

Of course, that made me go, “Ugh interesting.”

But I won’t even get into politics here.

What made my finger refrain from changing the channel was the fact I saw an actress that I have admired since childhood on “The Cosby Show”, Keshia Knight Pulliam.

I was unaware that Keshia was one of the guest celebrities. Apparently, I caught an intense moment of the show where the house guests had to battle to win the power to veto.

Keshia made a compelling argument for the guests to evict her from the house. And based upon my limited knowledge of the show, normally the person in that position makes a case to remain in the house.


The purpose is to remain and win the grand prize that I understand this season to be $250,000!

Celebrity or not, this isn’t chump change.

So why would Keshia forfeit losing this money which was the reason for starring on the reality show in the first place?


Honestly, I did not see that one coming. But I was impressed.

First, I didn’t know she had recently had a baby.

(Congrats, Keshia!)

Secondly, she explained that since she has been on the show her milk supply has decreased lactation. And as a breastfeeding mom myself, I certainly can relate and definitely understand.

Now, Keshia’s daughter is a 1-year-old and she is her daughter’s main source of nutrition. As Keshia stated on the show, her daughter prefers it this way. My first daughter breastfed until she was two. Therefore, I know these little ones will make their preferences known. Or more so, act on them!

For Keshia to make the decision to leave the show in order to help increase her milk supply so that her little girl can have the best nutrition is a great example of parenting on purpose.

Of course, I’m sure there has been some backlash for her decision. But, hey, you will always have critics especially when it comes to parenting.

What are your thoughts? Do you think as a single working woman Keshia made the best decision to turn down a chance to win 250K? Do you think as a mother she made the best parenting decision for her child?

I’m looking forward to Keshia discussing her decision and her experience on Celebrity Big Brother in more detail on today’s episode of The Talk.

In the meantime, I have to get ready to breastfed a cute little demanding baby! 🙂

Hilari’s Bible Study: The Creation

Happy Sunday!

First, kudos to all mommies who managed to make it on time to church, late to church or even to church at all!

If you fall in the last category, don’t beat yourself up. God understands!

But even when we do make it to the place of fellowship and restoration, our little ones may not always get the spiritual nourishment that they also need and that God intends for them to.

My precious Hilari loves to attend church and have church at home too! She has been practicing Bible verses ever since she could talk. She wanted to start her own little Bible study for her peers. I hope you will allow your child to join her.

Oh and mommies, I have found myself learning much from her so please feel free to chime in too!

This first brief segment describes the story of “The Creation” out of Genesis. If you would like your child to follow along with her, as well as, on their own time, she is reading from the The Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible for Little Ones.


If the video did not automatically populate, here is the link.  Please post any questions about this Bible story or encouraging comments below!